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   An effective panning technique will come with practice. In the mean time here are a few simple steps to get you started:

  1.  Place the mixture of dirt 'n gravel into your pan.
(about 1/2 a pan full). Remove the large twigs and sticks (check 'em carefully). Now let the river fill your pan with water. Pull the pan near the surface of the water and Shake it back and forth, tapping it against the heel of your other hand.

    2.  Tilt the edge furthest from you (edge with the ridges) towards the river bottom slightly. Now pull the pan towards you and a little upwards to the surface of the water, Did some of the gravel slip over the far edge? GREAT!

    3.  Repeat this a few more times, dipping the edge of the pan at a greater angle each time. Work it down to the smallest amount of debris in your pan, (you may be able to spot a flake or two at this point).

    4.   When you have almost no gravel, only black sand and gold, you can swirl it gently. The gold is much heavier than the sand and will stay in the center while the sand moves to the outside, this allows you to pick out the gold with tweezers. EUREKA!


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   Well that's all there is to it! I know it's gonna take just a few pans full, and you'll be slapping and slinging with the best of them.

   Panning techniques vary somewhat with each individual. If you have never been panning before, it's recommended that you go out with someone who has some experience until you get the hang of it.
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