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Prospecting in Calaveras County California

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Angels Camp | Mokelumne Hill | Murphys | San Andreas
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This page offers information on gold producing areas in Calaveras County.

*NOTE.. This website reports areas of gold concentrations and does not assume responsibility for those who do not invest the time/effort to identify public vs. private land. Also... many gold producing areas that are described on these pages may have claims already established. The Bureau of Land Management provides maps that indicate public lands and current claims.

   Although interest in Calaveras County originally was in its placer mining, within a year the lode mining was well underway and contributed about half of the County's total production of more than 4,000,000 ounces of gold.

  All of the tributaries of the Calaveras River (including the river itself)   has shown good color over the years and gold panning as well as other prospecting methods continue to show.

  Prospecting efforts in the Calaveritas Creek and in the area around the Old Calaveritas township has been producing gold steadily and is expected to continue, although we are unaware of any sizable nugget specimens pulled from here recently.

  Just southeast of Campo Seco and in the immediate vicinity you can still find good color in the form of small gold nuggets and flakes.

  The streams and creeks surrounding the town of Angels Camp have been in focus consistently by both the recreational panner as well as the professional prospector. In spite of all the panning, dredging and lode mine operations, this continues to be a good producer of flakes as well as occasional gold nuggets.

Gold Tips from our Website Visitors:

Visitor Name/Nickname:
the sniper
Panning Location:
Near Town of Valley Springs on the Calveras River below Hogan River of Skulls.
I took my sluice and sniping gear but ended up panning. Little color but gold anywho ... maybe up higher. In this lower elevation you must excavate to the clay. Sniping sucks all bedrock is sand/clay and material crumbles before your eyes... frustrating. I hunted for three hours very little to show for my work. Another spot is producing a half ounce a trip but i will tell you guys about that
later... maybe when im dead.

Visitor Name/Nickname:
the sniper
Panning Location:
Near Town of Jenny Lind on the Calveras River.
Tons of color gold is in the tailings or any compacted gravels. Area is pretty inaccessible, the ranchers on either side are saddams brother and permission is zilch so be careful.
nother good place is up off 49 hwy on the calaveras river by the bridge. Go down and only take off the top portion of bedrock as this is where you will find the flood gold from last year good luck!


2GETGold does not verify visitor tips and is not responsible for your actions, claim jumping and tresspassing on private property are criminal acts and may lead to arrest and/or conviction.
Please consult a public/private lands map available at the Bureau of Land Management.

Restaurants, lodging, sights, and a brief history for towns in Calaveras County:

Angels Camp | Mokelumne Hill | Murphys | San Andreas


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