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Queen Mary - Long Beach CA

Although some of Americas most haunted places are public, many are NO TRESSPASSING!. Always seek permission before visiting any haunted location. DO NOT visit haunted locations prior to securing permission.

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Haunted California: The Queen Mary

Moored at Long Beach in California, the Queen Mary continues to take guests on borad. You can stay the night or take a tour.

There are more than 50 confirmed deaths on the Queen Mary in its history. It served as the worlds greatest oceanliner of the time. You are likely to find unregistered (and unworldly) guests in the engine room, the boiler room, on the promenade deck, in the swimming pool, in the morgue, or in the kitchen.Two women had drowned in the ships pool and reports continue of wet footprints on the pool area deck when no one is around. Also at the pool area reportings of childrens voices in laughter and play.


It's not just spooky feelings and cold spots here... sightings are well recorded. The most consistent sighting has been of a young crewman in a hallway leading to the propeller shafts. This is believed to be the ghost of a young crewman was crushed in doorway #13 during a drill in 1966. A black bearded ghost, wearing overalls, has been seen numerous times in that same hallway.


Take the "Ghosts and Legends" Tour!
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Online Reservations For The Queen Mary

Rooms start at $99 a night
1126 Queens Highway, P.O. Box 1100, Long Beach, CA 90802

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