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  Wyndham Tutwiler Hotel

Although some of Americas most haunted places are public, many are NO TRESSPASSING!. Always seek permission before visiting any haunted location. DO NOT visit haunted locations prior to securing permission.

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Haunted Alabama: The Wyndham Tutwiler Hotel

Montgomery, Alabama reportedly hosts the ghost of Colonel Tutwiler at the Wyndham Tutwiler Hotel. Haunted Tutwiler Hotel

For many years local legend says that Colonel Tutwiler roams the halls of the hotel late at night.

In 1995 a hotel bartender turned out the lights and stoves within the bar and restaurant during the process of closing.

The lights had mysteriously turned themselves back when he did a "last check" before locking up. He turned off the items several times only to find them turned back on before leaving.

Apparently the lights and stoves continued to turn themselves back on each night for about a week.

One morning found the remaines of a multi-course meal with candles, the curtains drawn and a very old bottle of wine removed from a locked cabinet.

Before leaving for the night, staff members now make it a part of their nightly duties to tell the Colonel "Good night Colonel, please leave the lights and stoves off, and don't make a mess!" They haven't had a problem since.

Online Reservations for the Tutwiler Hotel

Rooms start at approximately $145 per night
2021 Park Place North. Birmingham, AL 35203

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