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Hawaiian Cruises
Hawaiian Islands Ports of Call:

Cruise Hilo, Hawaii
Cruise Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Cruise Honolulu, Oahu Hawaii
Cruise Lahaina, Maui Hawaii
Cruise Nawiliwili, Maui Hawaii
Cruise Kahului, Maui Hawaii


Recommended to see and do in Honolulu Oahu, Hawaii:


The southern coast of Oahu provides home to Hawaii's largest city. Honolulu has a population exceeding 400,000 people. As a major tourist destination you will find the area exciting and accommodating. Waikiki hosts the beautiful beaches and dramatic shoreline that has made it famous.

Honolulu is relatively young in terms of its dominance among other Hawaiian cities. The development of Pearl Harbor did much to expand the borders of Honolulu and evolved quickly to accommodate those visitors and the military alike. As tours of duty come to end, or a change in orders saw service men to a new locale, Honolulu called them back time and again with leisure travel in mind.

The Pali Cliffs of the Ko'olau Mountains set a dramatic backdrop for this energetic seaside destination. The attractions of Honolulu may start with Wakiki and its beach but you will find excellent muxeums, tours and day hikes as well.

GET EXCITED! While in Honolulu, try the fun filled adventures listed at:
Honolulu Tours Oahu Hawaii


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