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Current gold prices would calculate to over half a billion dollars in gold mined in the area which easily explains the reason it was known as the "Gem of the Southern Mines." During that time it was the second largest city in California.

Unlike many other settlements that disappeared due to fire, vandalism and time, Columbia survived due in part to a reconstruction that began as a result of a devastating fire in 1854. The town reconstruction was of brick and morter rather than wood which enabled it to survive the last 150 years.

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Columbia State Park

Columbia State Park:

Angels Camp
2 miles S. Parrots Ferry Rd
NW 10 miles on HWY49

2 miles S. Parrots Ferry Rd 4 miles S. on HWY49

2 miles S. Parrots Ferry Rd 40 miles N. on HWY49
35 miles on HWY16

San Francisco
2 miles S. Parrots Ferry Rd 10 miles S. on HWY49
30 miles W. on HWY120
65 miles W. I-5 to I-205

Yosemite National Park
2 miles S. Parrots Ferry Rd 10 miles S. on HWY49
65 miles E. on HWY120

Lake Tahoe Casinos
2 miles S. Parrots Ferry Rd 15 miles N. on HWY49
75 miles E. on HWY4
14 miles N. on HWY88
11 miles N. on US 395
12 miles W. on US 50

Reno Nevada
2 miles S. Parrots Ferry Rd 15 miles N. on HWY49
75 miles E. on HWY4
14 miles N. on HWY88
45 miles N. on US 395


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