Cash For Gold Milwaukee

Tips for Getting Cash for Gold in Milwaukee

Everyone wants to get some quick and easy cash, and selling gold is an excellent way to do just that.
But, easy as it is, there are still some things to know before you accomplish reverse alchemy and turn your gold into cash.
Firstly, find reputable and responsible gold buyers in your area. There are stores in malls or shopping plazas that put up signs that say “We Buy Gold.” They might, but they probably won’t give you a fair deal. The same goes for gold parties. Similarly, do not trust mail-in buyers. It will take weeks to receive a quote and even longer to get the money.


Instead, try using certified sites like You input your zip code, and they show you only trustworthy buyers. It’s safe and secure. For even higher insurance, ask to see the buyer’s certifications and credentials.
But it’s not enough just to know where to go. Find out the values of your pieces before you get to the buyer so you know what’s going on and know you are getting a fair price. The worth of your gold depends on the karat and weight.This value will be the melt value. But remember that gold buyers won’t give you 100% of that price. You can expect a range of 40% to 70%; they do that so they can make a profit too and stay in business.
Buyers also look at the karat and weight of your gold to determine the fair price. One valid method to determine karat is acid testing. It’s one of the most reliable and efficient. Some gold buyers use electronic testing, but they are not as accurate and often underestimate the value of your gold. So when you go into a store, make sure that they use acid testing. As for measuring weight, ensure that the buyer doesn’t weigh pieces with different karats together. This mixing throws off the result.
Finally, don’t be afraid to haggle! A lot of people don’t know about this privilege because haggling is not allowed at most popular stores. However, many respectable gold buyers are open to negotiations, so don’t hesitate. You deserve to get the best that you can.
Note: the price of gold fluctuates every day, depending on the current market prices. Check today’s price before you go. If it’s not as high, you can wait to see if it increases the next day so you can get the most for your gold.